Create an easy to remember password that’s safe

By Paul Halagan | Aug 16, 2017

I was listening to all things considered the other day and “All Things Tech” and they talked about new guidelines for creating password easy to remember password making it easier on the brain. Instead of creating an complex random password with 20 characters, digits, and special characters that are impossible to remember, the National Institute […]

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New Haven Attorney Website Launches

By Paul Halagan | Jun 9, 2017

Attorney website created for New Haven firm. The old website for Welty Esposito & Wieler was created on a cookie cutter template and didn’t provide a very inviting introduction to the firm. We worked closely with the partners at the firm to build a custom website the reflected their message and aesthetic. The new site […]

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Some Fundamental Rules of Web Marketing

By Paul Halagan | Apr 26, 2017

Marketing is all about connecting to your targeted audience and making a strong enough impression that your audience takes action. The red Camel above is an imaginary character I came across in the Garment District of NYC. It was one of 20 larger than life characters currently adorning the center of Broadway. I couldn’t resist […]

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Maintaining SEO when updating an old workhorse website.

By Paul Halagan | Apr 5, 2017

  Our client was holding onto a legacy website that was built many years ago. This old website got good traffic. The problem was it wasn’t mobile friendly, it wasn’t getting a good conversion rate, and it wasn’t coming up in a search in a good part of the clients service area. Our goal was […]

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Architect Studio Gets a New WordPress Website

By Paul Halagan | Mar 1, 2017

Architect website created for New Haven firm. We worked with the team at Buchanan Architects to create a new responsively designed WordPress website. The old site was created in flash and needed to be updated. The goal was to create a minimal design to showcase the many projects that the studio has produced over the […]

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HTTP vs HTTPS, safe or unsafe, Google Weighs in.

By Paul Halagan | Jan 17, 2017

  What’s HTTP? HTTP precedes and it tells the browser to connect using Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is a standard protocol developed to allow client and server to communicate with other websites. A client sends a request to a server and the server sends back a website. What is HTTPS? HTTPS stands for Hypertext […]

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Get Google Reviews

By Paul Halagan | Dec 20, 2016

Last week I received an email from a that had a request for an Google review. What a great way to get Google reviews. Make it easy for happy clients can easily give a 5 star review. I did a little research and can up with several ways of doing it, but I liked Paul […]

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Creating a Childrens Website Within a National Heritage Corridor Website

By Paul Halagan | Oct 26, 2016

A wonderful opportunity to build a childrens website presented itself. We were rebuilding the website for the Blackstone National Heritage Corridor and a new childrens website was needed. Childrens Website designed to help kids explore a rich history The purpose of this project was to create an educational area in the site where kids could […]

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web design for healthcare services

Drupal Design a New Tool in Our Toolbox

By Paul Halagan | Oct 19, 2016

We just created a new Drupal design and Drupal child theme. WordPress has been our go to web builder for over 5 years, but when Community Health Center and the Weitzman Institute in Middletown asked if we could update their Drupal site, we took on the challenge. The site was pretty complicated set up as […]

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